BLUE WAVE is a Reef and Ocean friendly boat cleaning product line.

Watch this quick informative video on Blue Wave! Blue Wave creates eco-friendly products for keeping your boat clean and looking beautiful. Clean your boat. Sustain the ocean. Join the Wave. 🌊.


Our goal is to provide high quality products that have a true minimum impact on the marine environment as most of the products in this space end up in the water.

Our true business strategy is to bring an Eco-Friendly product to the everyday boat user.  Both in quality, application, and economic price point.

Boating is a community that supports conservation and cleanliness no matter where you boat.  We want our products to symbolize that fun atmosphere of enjoying clean and beautiful water.

Because we have such a passion for the water, its sea creatures, and its structure we want our brand to have success to the ability of allowing us to rebuild and protect the ocean habitats.



Daniel Simmons, founder of Blue Wave started this company on an idea. He explains,

“Blue Wave began from an idea solidified on vacations with my wife and kids to Eleuthera, Bahamas and the USVIs.

On those vacations we spent a lot of time on the water as a family with some great locals experiencing the beauty and fascination of the ocean.  Several of the locals kept discussing the movement of reef and ocean friendly sunscreen.  The locals also spoke about how there are not many products that are Eco-friendly and the battle for the ocean’s health felt like a long slow death.

I happened to be in West Marine post vacation and noticed in the boat cleaning aisle no true Eco-Friendly products and none at a reasonable price point.  That is when i decided to look into what could be and here we are.”

Company Founded
West Marine Locations

Daniel Simmons

Founder, Owner, President

Jon Jolls

Founder, Vice President of Distributor Relationships

Kaylin Soero

Director of Marketing


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