BlueWave has dedicated to work with our various partners on rebuilding ocean and marine habitats through helping to support the further development of technology in hopes to maintain and rehab the ocean and waterways that we so desperately need to keep the Earth a healthy and safe place for all living creatures.

BlueWave continues to expand its reach in marine rebuilding efforts. Our goal this year is to be  involved in at least 10 marine projects dedicated to the longevity and health of our precious marine ecosystem that we love.

Below are some of our partners and organizations we work with hand in hand to make these efforts possible.


If you would like to be involved with the ourBLUE! Initiative, please fill out of the form below and we will be in touch!


No Shoes Reefs is a grass roots project for Kenny Chesney that aids in creating awareness of various ocean conservation groups, helping them raise money and connect to each other. Their newest partner – The Reef Ball Foundation, is forging alliances, raising awareness and funds through sales of exclusive products and becoming part of a dynamic alliance dedicated to ensuring the future of our nation’s seas.

📸 Photo courtesy of Kenny Chesney's Instagram Post


Tampa Bay Watch is dedicated to fostering a healthy Tampa Bay watershed through community-driven restoration projects, education programs, and outreach initiatives. Their restoration projects vary from oyster communities, native plants, seagrass, scallop search, marine debris clean up, and more! 


The Reef Institute was founded in 2015 by two veterinarians as Healthy Aquatics Marine Institute of Florida. The two veterinarians had a goal of improving  ocean health while teaching students to care about their environment. In 2018 Healthy  Aquatics changed its name and identity to The Reef Institute. With a mission of coral  conservation through education, research and restoration.


Reef Balls are the world’s leading designed artificial reef modules because they are simply the most effective way to create sustainable aquatic habitat and achieve it in a safe, long term, environmentally compatible way. Reef Ball modules are designed to mimic natural reefs. These basic modules and related adaptations using Reef Ball technology are the backbone of our restoration and protection efforts and are by far the most-used and recognized designed reef structure in the world. Reef Balls are ideally suited for a wide-range of aquatic habitats even when used in engineering applications.